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Phase 1 – PURPOSE

Day 1 

Jon Acuff

Importance of Living with Purpose

Tsh Oxenreider

How to Live Holistically Within Your Life’s Purpose


Bootstrapping Purpose

Day 2 

Ally Fallon

Why You Must Ask Yourself what would you do if you could do anything you wanted

Chris Guilleabeau

What it Feels Like to Find Your Purpose

Emily Freeman

How to Listen to Your Life

Day 3 

Christy Largent

Discovering Your Calling

Mary Demuth

The Place of Pain in Purpose

Mary Crimmins

The Importance of Self-Discovery on the Journey to Purpose


Day 4 

Alli Worthington

You Don’t Need Permission to Be Successful

Chris Bailey

Why You Should Never work 90-hour weeks

Craig Ballantyne

Why Knowing Your Magic Hour Can Triple Your Productivity

Day 5

Ari Meisel

The 9 Tenants to True Productivity

Amy Lynn Andrews

How to Tell Your Time Who’s Boss

Whitney English

Why Passion Won’t Lead You To Your Pot Of Gold

Day 6 

Surprise Session

Tom Morkes

How to Pay What You Want, and Profit All the Way to the Bank

Mary Kathryn Johnson

If I Can Be Eight Months Pregnant with Two Broken Legs, You Can Start a Business!

Day 7 

Erik Fisher

Why Working Smarter is a Version of Working Harder

Andy Traub

Why Getting Your Digital Productivity is about Getting Offline

Ruth Soukup

Why Knowing the Value of Your Time Will Catapult Your Results

Day 8 

Laura Vanderkam

You Have More Than You Think

Jessica Turner

Why How You Spend Your 5-9 Determines How You Spend Your 9-5

Chris Locurto

How to Outsource Yourself

Day 9

April & Eric Perry

Three Ways Architecting Your Life Can Increase Productivity While Strengthening Your Family

Surprise Session

Surprise Session

Phase 3 – PROFIT

Day 10 

Navid Moazzez

How to Learn from
Your Hero

Lain Ehmann

On Pivoting for Profit — A New Industry, a New Earning Model

Mary Shenouda

On Entrepreneurship, and Why the Uncertainty in Life is the Most Generous Source of Opportunity

Day 11 

Matt Mcwilliams

Why It Pays to Be
Utterly Unemployable

Pamela Slim

The Connection Between
Purpose and Revenue

Amber Vilhauer

On the Power of
Sales to Connect

Day 12 

Michelle Lederman

How Likability Leads To Profit

David Burkus

The Biggest Productivity
Traps Even the Best Make

Day 13 

Cassie Boorn

Making the Leap to Build Your own Thing? No, you don’t need it all figured out.

Surprise Session

Day 14

Peter Sandeen

The Marketing Secrets You
Need to Know to Sell More

Day 15 

Dave Kerpen

How to Cultivate Likeable Customers

Dale Partridge

The Importance of Generosity in Profit

Adam Grant

On the Importance of Being Original

Day 16 

Liam Austin

Goes live at 2pm

Why You Need to Listen
to Your Paying Customers

Brian Dixon

How to Create Your
First Online Product

Jeff Goins

How Listening to Your
Life can pay You handsomely

Day 17

Chandler Bolt

The Incredible Productivity
of Profit

Jeff Sanders

Why the Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask Yourself Is: What Is the Next Most Important Thing?

Donald Miller

The Real Way to Become Successful and Profitable? Do This

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

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